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I highly recommend Enchanted Rose Vacations. They were so helpful and made our Christmas Disney vacation so wonderful! They knew all the little tricks and details and we could not have done it without them! It was our kid’s first trip to Disney… Thanks for helping make it so special!

Tiffany C.

I’ve always planned my family vacations myself, but not any more! My agent was consistently available for every question and it was so nice having someone
do all the work for me. I am so thankful for her time and patience with me; she
was vested in ensuring a worry-free vacation planning experience and that is
what we had!

Scott D.

Absolutely fun to work with. It’s like planning a trip with a best friend that “gets you”. Our Travel Planner got to know us and then helped us to plan ourr trip to match us and our family’s needs, but also encourages you to step out and explore more. Our Travel Planner knew I have health issues so she arranged to have a motorized chair waiting for me when I arrived at the hotel. Being as prideful as I am I would never have ordered a chair. She saved me from myself.
J. Lescota

Our agent has planned two Disney trips for our family and both have been extraordinary! From the rooms to the dining plan to the extra activities, she took care of it all. She was available to answer any questions or concerns and made our trip magical. I am already looking forward to when she can plan our next vacation. I highly recommend her and her services.

Bryna P.

Christine has helped us plan several wonderful family vacations, and each time the accommodations have exceeded our expectations. Using Enchanted Rose Vacations travel planning services has truly taken hours of research, guessing, and arranging off my plate, so that all I have to do is dream and pack! Most recently, we had scheduled a cruise in April, which ended up being cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I saw countless tales online of people spending hours on the phone with cruise lines trying to get a refund or to rebook. – How much time did I have to spend on the phone dealing with this change? None! I simply communicated our wishes to Christine, and next thing I knew, she had successfully re-booked us on the (bigger and better) cruise we selected. I cannot thank her enough for handling all the headache and hassle for me, and our family is already excited about the upcoming, rescheduled cruise. I also appreciate that these services cost me nothing! I highly recommend Christine, and all the travel planners at Enchanted Rose Vacations. For no extra cost to you, they take care of arranging for transportation, lodging, entertainment, and reservations, helping to make vacations stress-free.

Thanks again Christine!


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